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× For information about speaking engagements in the US, please call Raphaella Segal, Cell: (US) 908-591-7318 e-mail:

× Mr. Reuven Rivlin, Speaker of the Knesset, made an official visit to Kedumim on June 11th. He met with Mayor Hananel Dorani and his staff, offering his support and encouragement and visited the schools where he addressed the students. See picture gallery for photos of visit

× The runners in the Annual Golani Brigade Marathon from the Golan Heights to Elat stop for a break in Kedumim. See photo gallery

× Read our latest newsletter - Rosh Hashana 5770-September 2009 (Story of Kedumim, newsletters and updates)

× "(Road Safety Week" in the schools of Kedumim came to a climax with a march in memory of those from Kedumim who were killed in car accidents.The march was followed by a ceremony in which members of the families of those who died participated. (photos in photo gallery

× Annual summer camp for 100 physically challenged children and teens from all over the country will take place in Kedumim in a few weeks. The camp has been operated with extrordinary success by youths on a voluntary basis for the past 15 years.

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Youth Center to be built in memory of Raphi and Helena Halevy הי"ד, Shaked Lasker הי"ד
and Reut Feldman הי"ד,
who were murdered by a terrorist who blew up the car in which they traveled, at the entrance to Kedumim.
2 Nissan 5766,  March 30, 2006

  Kedumim Today


 Welcome to Kedumim, the first modern

 Jewish  community in Samaria!

In 1975, a group of young idealistic pioneers settled on a hilltop in Samaria. There had been seven unsuccessful attempts to settle near Sebastia, the ancient capital of Samaria, until a historic compromise was reached and the community of Kedumim was launched. For the first time in centuries, Jewish life had returned to the ancient mountains in the center of Eretz Israel.


During the  years, Kedumim has grown as hundreds of new families have moved into the community, public   institutions have been strengthened  and municipal services expanded.


Kedumim is within easy commuting distance to all major cities in Israel:    30 minutes to Petach Tikvah, 50 minutes to Tel-Aviv, 20 minutes to Kfar Saba, 60 minutes to Haifa and Jerusalem, 40 minutes to the Jordan Valley. Public transportation is both convenient and frequent with hourly bus service to major cities.

From Kedumim, one enjoys a panoramic view of the neighboring hilltops and beyond, reaching as far as the coastline. There are twelve neighborhoods in Kedumim, spread across its many hilltops and valleys.

Community Life

Kedumim combines the essence of Zionist idealism with the best of modern life, including superb education, social activities, religious facilities, health services, residential and industrial development.

 In Kedumim you will find a quality community, a national-religious atmosphere, and people from a variety of backgrounds who take pride in their Judaism and the settlement of Eretz Israel.  Kedumim boasts an open, tolerant community, a model society blending veteran residents with a constant stream of newcomers. This rich assortment of native-born Israelis and immigrants from all over the globe makes Kedumim a dynamic, growing populace. 

It is precisely this dynamic community spirit which has led many grown children of Kedumim to build their own homes in the community when starting families of their own.

Education and Culture in Kedumim

A top priority for Kedumim is the education and cultural life of young and old alike.

Kedumim’s educational institutions and programs include:

S   Nursery schools and kindergartens in every neighborhood

S   Elementary schools

S   Talmud Torah Yisad’ta Oz

S   Lehava High School for Girls–regional high school with 1,000 students including 130 Ethiopian immigrants in the residential program.

S   Bnei Chayil Shomron Yeshiva High School, for boys with ADD and ADHD – serves from Israel’s central region.

S   Morry Seaman School of Music

S Midreshet Noga - Torah Seminary for Women

S   Kedumim Yeshiva Gevohah

S   Kedumim Municipal Library

S   Kedem Museum and Eretz Israel Academy

S   Yad LeZehava Institute for Holocaust studies 

Industry and Job Opportunities

Many people are employed in Kedumim at local industries, agriculture, and services, while others find work in nearby towns like Ariel, Barkan and Karnei Shomron. Some also work in nearby cities like Tel Aviv, Kfar Saba and Petach Tikva.


Greenhouses for house plants, vegetables and blueberries; chicken farms; vineyards and orchards.


jewelry, Judaica, silver and goldsmiths, furniture, crafts.

 These are not easy times. Coupled with political changes, as violence rages throughout Judea and Samaria, Kedumim is faced with the growing challenges of maintaining vital community services and expanding Kedumim’s resident population, while ensuring the ultimate safety and protection of our citizens.  For years, there have been those in Israel and abroad who never expected us to survive, let alone thrive.

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Former mayor Daniella Weiss invites you to visit Kedumim.

Kedumim presents its highest merit of honor to Rabbi Elimelech Firer
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